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About Watec Israel
Israel is considered a world expert in the fields of desalination, water treatment and reclamation, water safety, and agricultural water consumption via drip irrigation - an Israeli innovation. Six WATEC exhibitions have showcased Israeli and international ingenuity in the area of water technologies.
Networking at WATEC Asia
Watec Asia is the perfect opportunity to hear from and meet a range of growing water, energy & environment companies seeking a combination of partners, investment and professional services to develop their companies.
Why India?
By the end of this year (2012), half the world’s population will live in cities. India, which has always been said to live in its villages, is already nearly 30% urban. This urban population is divided among 5545 urban settlements, a figure that approximates the entire population of the United States. Thus, if ‘urban India’ were perceived as a distinct nation, it would be – on its own — the fourth largest nation in the world! India already faces a desperate water shortage, and its urban water requirements are expected to double from 25 billion cubic metres (BCM) in 1990, to 52 BCM by the year 2025.

Both the industrial and domestic sectors have recognized the disparity between supply and demand. The Indian government has tried to lead market-based approaches and privatization of urban water. More specifically, the National Water Policy drafted last year defines water as an economic good and looks at numerous macro and micro initiatives in this context.