About Oslo

Oslo - The Viking Capital – is situated in the heart of Scandinavia, surrounded by magnificent scenery from fjords to forested hills. As early as the turn of the 10th century, a settlement could be found at the end of the Oslo fjord. This makes Oslo one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia, and the only Scandinavian capital with an urban settlement dating back to the Viking ages.

Oslo will surprise the first-time visitor with its wide range of restaurants, bistros, coffee shops and bars complemented by live music and entertainment. Most are located within walking distance of each other, the major hotels and the conference venue.

Culture flourishes in Oslo, offering something for all interested in architecture, design, classical music, rock, jazz, dance, sports or literature. There are numerous museums – take the short ferry ride to Bygdøy and see the vessels of the polar expedition, or walk up the hill to the collection of the painter Munch.

Today, Oslo enjoys one of the highest standards of living of any city around. It's one of the top 10 cities in the world in area, its suburbs having spread rapidly in recent decades. This suburban sprawl has the advantage of gathering in the green outskirts, making the city one of the world's most densely forested. What sets Oslo apart from other European cities is not so much its cultural traditions or its internationally renowned museums as its simply stunning natural beauty.

Nowadays Oslo is Norway's political, economic, industrial, and cultural capital. The Norwegian royal family lives in Oslo, and it's where the Nobel peace prize is awarded.
Open-minded and outgoing, Oslo has increasingly embraced global and European trends. For urban souls there are cultural attractions, nightclubs, cafés, and trendy boutiques, and for outdoors enthusiasts there is hiking, sailing, golfing, and skiing within the vast expanse of parks, forests, and fjords that make up greater Oslo. Oslo is now a major tourist destination and the gateway to what many believe is Scandinavia's most scenic country.