FENS Forum 2014 Promotional Toolkit

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The full FENS Forum 2014 promotion toolkit is available here, including social media links, videos, banners, and other materials to promote the FENS Forum among your network.

Visit the official FENS Forum site at www.fens.org/2014 to register and for full scientific information.  Visit the FENS Forum students' committee site at www.jumpthefens.eu for news and updates about student activities at the FENS Forum 2014, the Jump the FENS party, the FENS Forum video contest, and other opportunities for students.

FENS Forum Promotional Videos

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View this video of FENS President Marian Joëls

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Social Media

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FENS Forum banners

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Newsletter text

Please copy and paste this short description of the FENS Forum 2014 to include in your newsletter, website and event calendar:

The 9th FENS Forum of Neuroscience, Europe's leading neuroscience conference, is taking place July 5-9, 2014, in Milan. With more than 6,000 participants expected, the FENS Forum showcases the latest research and developments in neuroscience.  Register now for this exciting event and join us for five days of scientific exchange and networking among the top neuroscientists from Europe and the world.