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EAPS 2010 Paediatric Conference

Poster Presentations 

General Information:

Approximately 360 abstracts have been selected for a Poster Presentation. There will be 18 parallel rooms in the Poster Area designated for Poster Presentations according to the chart below. Those abstracts selected for Poster Presentation will present both a standard poster in the Poster Presentation room (according to the topics below), as well as a presentation of 7 minutes (90 seconds will be dedicated to presentation, with 5.5 minutes allocated for discussion and QA). Instructions for the standard posters can be found here.

Please create a PDF of your poster and bring a "back-up" copy of your presentation on disk or disk-on-key to the Congress.

The first 20 minutes in each shift will be dedicated for free viewing of the posters within the room.


Saturday, October 23 - 13:00-14:45

Poster Presentation Topic
1 ESPNIC Nursing: PICU


Sunday, October 24 - 13:00-14:45

Poster  Presentation Topic
1 Nutrition & Metabolism
2 Genetics/Nephrology
3 Adolescent Pharmacology/Oncology
4 Child Neurology
5 Dermatology
6 Fluid Balance/Hyperbilirubinaemia
8 Pharmacology - Neonatology
9 Endocrinology
10 NEC, Pre and Probiotics (SGA)
11 Obesity, Body Composition
12 Brain I
13 Epidemiology: Prematurity, Post Natal Outcome
14 Neonatal Resuscitation/Early Ventilation I
15 Neonatal Respiration
16 General Neonatology
17 Laboratory/Metabolic/Immunology
18 ESPNIC Nursing: NICU


Monday, October 25 - 12:30-14:15

Poster Presentation Topic
19 Ethics/Mental Disorders
20 Primary Care/Social Pediatrics
21 Vaccination
22 Infectious Disease
23 Paediatric Cardiology: Animal Studies/New Measures of Cardiac Function
24 Gastroenterology
25 Perfusion - RR Neonatal
26 PDA
27 Gastroenterology and Hepatology
28 Human Milk, Growth and Malnutrition
29 Brain II
30 Perinatal Medicine and Congenital Anomolies
31 Neonatal Resuscitation/Early Ventilation II
32 Neonatal Lung Damage and BPD
33 Neonatology: Nutrition/Chronic Lung Disease
34 Paediatric Studies
35 Paediatric Neurology