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Once every few years, since 1993, the teacher education system in Israel holds an international conference on teacher education.
The Sixth International Conference, titled “Changing Reality Through Education”, will be held at David Yellin Academic College of Education in Jerusalem, in cooperation with The MOFET Institute in Tel Aviv. It will deal with various topics on the public and social agenda.

Recent years have witnessed an academic, technological, and organizational renewal in the teacher education system, and this has affected the educational, social, and cultural reality of the State of Israel. The interrelationship between teacher education and the social–cultural reality generates new knowledge in areas of life that exert a broad influence on other systems as well – such as the political, economic, and technological systems, to name a few. The teacher education system deals not only with imparting professional knowledge in extensive areas, but also plays a highly significant role in the societal life experience, particularly in an era in which both social difference and social gaps are acknowledged. Read More