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Monday, June 29 07:30 – end of Session   Thursday, July 2 07:00 – end of Session
Tuesday, June 30 07:30 – end of Session   Friday, July 3 07:00 – end of Session
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Uniting Brain Function Professionals and Experts From Across the Globe

The XXIVth International Symposium on Cerebral Blood Flow, Metabolism, & Function, and the IXth International Conference on Quantification of Brain Function with PET, is a constantly evolving, biennial, joint-symposium that unites a diverse group of investigators for the exchange of top scientific information in multiple, related areas of research.

Brain’09 & BrainPET’09, set for Chicago, June 29 -July 3, 2009, is a crucial meeting for brain professionals and leading experts devoted to expanding their knowledge and advancing education, research, and treatments in fields such as cerebrovascular regulation, brain imaging, ischemia/stroke, neurotrauma, and brain protection.

The Society for Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism (ISCBFM) welcomes all professionals in the field to register, submit their abstracts, and help shape the future of brain research
Abstracts will be published online as a supplement to the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism published by the Nature Publishing Group (NPG).

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PET Pharmacokinetics 2009
PET Pharmacokinetics 2009
BRAIN MEETING Highlights (Preliminary)

  • Cortical Spreading Depression
  • Neurovascular coupling
  • Mitochondrial influences on cerebral blood vessels
  • FMRI in brain disease
  • O2 delivery and brain function
  • Diabetes and stroke, inflammation, and cerebrovascular pathophysiology
  • Hypothermia and stroke

  • Neuronal regeneration during development
  • Angiogenesis
  • Gene therapy in stroke
  • Preconditioning: Vascular aspects
  • Stroke and functional recovery
  • Glucose and lactate metabolism
  • Statins and stroke
  • Hemorrhagic stroke and phenotypic changes in cerebral arteries