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Family of Autoimmunity 

Welcome to the Family of Autoimmunity!

Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld (Israel) is the founder of the world's 1st Center for Autoimmune Diseases. His vision is to create a new medical specialty of autoimmunology that would incorporate training, research and clinical practice for all the 81 autoimmune related diseases in one place. Various autoimmune research centers have joined him in his endeavor and have formed a Consortium.


Twelve groups of Physicians and Scientists have founded the Consortium of Autoimmunity. The principle of these centers is the existence of medical, research and academic facilities dedicated to Autoimmune Diseases as a concept.

We have generated the Autoimmunity Network around these founders and we quickly reached as many as 700 registered centers.

The aims of the Autoimmunity Network include exchanging opinions, knowledge and research materials, biomaterials while maintaining confidentiality, helping to educate the public and serving as a reliable source of information, promoting the idea of a sub-specialty in auto-immunology around the globe and standardizing diagnostic laboratory tests.

To read more about the Consortium please click here.

The Autoimmunity Network

The Autoimmunity Network is a dynamic community of more than 2500 physicians, immunologists, rheumatologists & researchers who share the common goal of exchanging knowledge about autoimmune diseases. Members of the community have the opportunity to network with colleagues, attend well established and successful annual congresses, and take advantage of the added benefit of being part of a vibrant online social network.

Join the family of autoimmunity at:

We look forward to seeing you AT ACA 2013