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Discover Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the Western world’s gateway to China, where 21st century lifestyle mingles with Chinese tradition. It has a population of 7 million people living mostly in high-rise buildings which make Hong Kong the most vertical city of the world.

Hong Kong, an exceedingly autonomous region belonging to the People’s Republic of China Hong Kong is situated on the country’s south coast, in the Pearl River Delta. Its 7 million residents make Hong Kong one of the world’s most densely populated areas.

The culture of Hong Kong is a unique combination of East and West as a result of the British colonization during the 19th and 20th centuries. The fusion of Chinese tradition and westernized way of life is well reflected in the city’s architecture as well as its cuisine.

Hong Kong is one of the leading financial centers of the world thanks to its independent capitalist economy that boasts one of the highest per capita incomes worldwide.

Although Hong Kong has a humid subtropical climate, the month of November is usually sunny and dry with an average temperature of 21°C.


Did you know?

Hong Kong has one of the top 10 best metro systems in the world.

From from CNN article “What are the world's best metro systems?
By Edward Falzon and CNN Travel staff 9 January, 2013

Wi-Fi hotspots and phone signal boosters mean this network is more connected than most. Praise for Hong Kong’s MTR gushes from every traveler who’s ever set a toe inside the immaculately clean, well-signposted, cheap, regular, convenient system that connects most corners of the city, from the crowded bowels of Wan Chai to the rural(ish) villages of Tai Po.

“…one of the most efficient people carriers in the world,” says reviewer swissfondue on VirtualTourist.

There’s free Wi-Fi in 42 stations, facilities such as tactile flooring and Braille plates for travelers with disabilities and public washrooms, shops, banks and takeaway food outlets inside many stations or close to their exits. There's no timetable for commuters -- trains just turn up every few minutes, sooner during peak periods -- and it's dead simple for visitors to buy a ticket via the automated machines. It has possibly the world’s most convenient Airport Express service, with departures every 10 minutes or so. And then there's the Octopus card -- possibly the world's greatest transport payment system, which can also be used in convenience stores, restaurants and other places. Cities like Melbourne should scream with jealousy. The website offers handy one-day itineraries for Hong Kong tourists keen to shop, eat or discover the local culture.