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Reproduction Congress - ASPIRE 2010, Bangkok

About Aspire 

ASPIRE, the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction, comprises a group of clinicians and scientists involved in the management of fertility, including assisted reproductive technology (ART). ASPIRE was initiated in 2001, and through a variety of projects, aims to promote awareness of infertility and ART and to improve the quality of infertility-related services in the Asia-Pacific region.

ASPIRE is a unique task force of clinicians and specialists focused on achieving and maintaining high standards of practice in infertility management in the Asia-Pacific region with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of patient care. Our objectives are:

  • To improve the quality of fertility services in the Asia-Pacific region
  • To provide a forum for sharing experience and information for professionals from a range of specialties involved in infertility management across the region
  • To form a cohesive group to promote infertility management in the region, and to form relations with local and international associations
  • To raise awareness and understanding of treatment options for infertility amongst healthcare professionals and the public
  • To assist healthcare professionals in motivating patients to receive treatment for infertility
  • To facilitate the dissemination of accurate information about infertility to patients and the public
  • To encourage the basic reproductive rights of all couples and individuals to decide freely and responsibly the number of children to have, and when to have them 

ASPIRE Executive Board

President:                Prof.  Shin-Yong Moon
Secretary General:                Prof. Bruno Lunenfeld
Treasurer: Dr. Tongtis Tongyai
President Elect: Dr. Yoshi Morimoto
Members:  Prof. Jie Qiao
Prof. Robert Norman
Prof. Chii-ruey Tzeng
  Dr. Colin SS Lee
Dr. Milton K H Leong
Dr. Maryam Kabir-Salmani
Dr. Sheila Loh

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