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Pre-Congress Workshops 

ICP 2013 Pre-Congress Workshops are hands-on sessions requiring pre-registration at 50 AUD per person.

The number of participants is limited within each session and tickets will be sold on a first-come first-served basis.

Please register here in order to purchase your tickets.

All Pre-Congress workshops will take place in parallel from 09:00-17:00 on Saturday, August 24, 2013




Pre-Congress Workshops


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Workshop 1

Title: Immunization Champions - By Invitation only

Coordinator: Nike Grange, Nigeria  

Participants limited to: 60

Short Description: This workshop will equip participants with key advocacy and communication tools and share important learnings and experiences in shaping immunisation policy agendas. It will empower and motivate participants to develop tailored strategies and specific plans of action in immunisation and child health policy and advocacy at the national, regional, and global levels. Another goal of this workshop is to update participants on the status of immunization programmes and vaccine introduction in low income countries.


Workshop 2

Title: Helping Babies Breathe

Coordinator: Eileen Schoen, USA

Participants limited to: 42

Short Description: Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) is an evidence-based educational program to support effective neonatal resuscitation in resource-limited settings. HBB integrates with Essential Newborn Care programs. It is an initiative of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Saving Newborn Lives, the National Institute of Child Health and Development, and the Laerdal Foundation.  

Space is limited for this day-long HBB Master Trainer session.  The ideal participant is an individual who is actively involved in promoting and implementing neonatal resuscitation activities in low resource countries. For more information about HBB, please visit www.helpingbabiesbreathe.org


 Workshop 3

Title: Environmental Health

Coordinator: Ruth Etzel, USA

Participants limited to: 55

 Short DescriptionDuring this workshop, pediatricians will learn about the effects of environmental contamination on the health of children.  The course is designed for doctors who plan to teach others about children’s health and the environment.  We will discuss how pediatricians from countries throughout the world can work together to help improve the environment for tomorrow’s children.   This issue is a cross-cutting one that may be every bit as important as nutrition in its overall impact on child health. 

Learning Objectives

After this workshop, pediatricians will:

1. Identify risks to children from environmental tobacco smoke, chemicals (e.g. lead, mercury, pesticides), air, water and food contaminants, emerging issues (e.g. climate change), and other environmental hazards;
2. Describe how to recognize, diagnose, prevent and manage adverse effects linked to these environmental risk factors;
3. Describe why children may be at increased risk of adverse health outcomes and developmental consequences from environmental exposures to chemical, physical and biological agents;
4. Describe when and how the fetus, the child and the adolescent may be exposed to environmental hazards in different rural and urban settings; 

We hope that you will consider attending or sending a representative to join us in taking action on the many environmental threats to children’s health.  Please visit the IPA website http://www.ipa-world.org (click on “Program Areas”) or contact Dr Ruth Etzel at RETZEL@EARTHLINK.NET if you would like to place your name on a list to receive additional information and a registration form for this workshop.


Workshop 4 

Title: Protecting Children from Tobacco

Coordinators: Jay Berkelhamer, Jonathan Klein, USA

Participants limited to: 75

Short Description: Pediatricians are natural advocates for tobacco control, both in the prevention of use and exposure to secondhand smoke. The workshop, Protecting Children and Families from Tobacco: Leadership Advocacy Training, is hosted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, in partnership with the World Health Organization Tobacco Free Initiative and International Pediatrics Association. The daylong program will introduce general strategies for advocacy and then segue into the specific case of tobacco control advocacy. The format will include a mix of keynote addresses, panel discussions, and breakout sessions where attendees will begin to set goals for tobacco control agendas in their respective countries. For more information on the Academy’s international tobacco control efforts, please visit http://www2.aap.org/richmondcenter/InternationalTobaccoControl.html

 Workshop 5 

Title:   Severe Acute Malnutrition

Coordinator:  M. Krawinkel, Germany

Participants limited to: 55

Short Description:   Globally, malnutrition is a major contributor to morbidity and mortality in infancy and childhood. The ‘Scaling Up Nutrition(SUN)-movement’ mobilizes governments to commit themselves to reducing childhood malnutrition.

This is an opportunity for pediatricians to stronger link with preventive activities. There are efforts in place to effectively prevent and treat children with malnutrition. The workshop gives an update on those activities and on recent research for better understanding the condition and improving the case management.


Workshop 6

Title: Early Childhood Development   

 Coordinator: F. Oberklaid, Australia

Participants limited to: 100

Short Description: The over-arching goal of the workshop is to orient pediatricians on the new science of early childhood development and provide skills –building orientation that will allow them to better promote the psychosocial development of young children and prevent the emergence of developmental delays in their routine practice. An important aim is to disseminate the Care for Child Development Intervention Package - hard and e-book versions – and the CD ROMs (containing the learning modules, slides of the presentations, educational videos, illustrations, and rich background material and resources), as well as the handouts that pediatricians may use to enhance the awareness of and care for early childhood development.


Workshop 7

Title: The Power of International Collaboration to Study Rare Diseases: International Network of Paediatric Surveillance Units

Coordinators: Yvonne Zurynski, Australia, Elizabeth Elliot, Australia

Participants limited to: 50

Short Description: The International Network of Paediatric Surveillance Units (INOPSU) provides international data on rare childhood conditions, including rare genetic disorders; rare infections, rare injuries, rare mental health disorders and many other rare diseases of childhood.  This workshop will showcase the achievements of INOPSU over the last 15 years including the impacts of INOPSU results on clinical practice and policy. Examples include: changes in legislation for child restraints and seatbelts to keep young children safe from injury; supporting vaccination programmes including polio, rubella, and varicella; supporting a review of diagnostic criteria for early onset eating disorders and fetal alcohol syndrome; the value of long term surveillance for very rare groups of conditions such as progressive intellectual and neurological deterioration in children.  Participants will have opportunity to discuss the value of establishing a paediatric surveillance unit in their country and to hear esteemed international speakers including Odille Kremp, France; Elizabeth Elliott, Australia; Danielle Grenier, Canada; Christopher Verity, United Kingdom; Sloane Madden, Australia; Yvonne Zurynski, Australia; and Nigel Dickson, New Zealand. Please note that the business meeting and INOPSU dinner are open to INOPSU members only by prior arrangement. 

 Workshop 8

Title: Ethics  

Coordinator: Lynn Gillam, Australia 

Participants limited to:   45

The aim of this workshop is to equip participants with knowledge and skills to manage ethically complex clinical situations in paediatrics. The workshop will cover three key domains of ethical complexity in paediatrics: (1) parents disagreeing with medically recommended management for their child;  (2) involvement of adolescents in decision-making, especially refusal of treatment by adolescents; and (3) managing children who resist medical treatment to which their parents have consented.  For each of these domains, discussion will commence with case examples, and move towards clarification of concepts and frameworks relevant for good decision-making.  Decision-making strategies useful for individual clinicians and multi-disciplinary teams will be provided. The role of a clinical ethics case consultation service will also be discussed.

 The workshop will be interactive, and will be relevant to all areas of paediatric clinical practice. Participants are invited to bring their own cases for discussion.

 The workshop will be led by the clinical ethics team from the Children’s Bioethics Centre at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, which recently received the international  Hans Joachim Schwager award for clinical ethics cases consultation.  Presenters include Dr Hugo Gold, Assoc Prof Lynn Gillam, Assoc Prof Clare Delany.


Workshop 9

Title: Children in Disasters

Coordinator: Karen Olness, USA

Participants limited to: 60

This workshop will include an overview on the special problems of children who experience disasters.  Participants will have the opportunity to discuss three cases.  One case concerns triage issues for children in disasters.  A second case addresses developmental considerations in working with children in disasters.  A third case discusses issues related to housing for children in disasters.  Dr. Mao Meng will summarize nutritional issues for children who experienced the earthquake in Chengdu, and Dr. Srivieng Pairojkul will provide follow up information on children who experienced the tsunami in Thailand.


Workshop 10

Title:  Child Health and the Paediatrician – Responding to the Lancet Commission on "Health Professional Training for the 21st Century" -  Academic Paediatricians (IPALA)

Coordinator:  Bob Armstrong, Australia, Kevin Forsyth, Australia, Peter Cooper, South Africa 

Participants limited to: 60

Short Description: The workshop will cover defining the challenges of training in paediatrics and child health for the 21st century, including careful examination of undergraduate training, residency training, subspecialty and population health training in paediatrics, and the role and training of the 'general' paediatrician. Outcomes from the workshop will form a component of a plenary session in the main congress.

Open to all registrants but encourage academic leaders and trainees to attend.