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International Congress of Pediatrics (ICP)

Plenary and Keynote Sessions 

Plenary Sessions

The State of the World's Children: Where Are the Gaps?
The State of the World's Children 2013: An Overview – Dr Sergio Cabral (Brazil)
Progress of the Millennium Goals – Dr Richard Horton (UK)
Action Agenda for the Future – Dr Mickey Chopra (USA)

Adolescent Health: A Call to Action
The State of the World's Adolescents – Prof George Patton (Australia)
Social Determinates of Adolescent Health – Prof Russell Viner (UK)
Foundation for the Future –Prof Susan Sawyer (Australia)

Global Action Plan for Diarrhoea and Pneumonia
Addressing the Global Challenge of Diarrhoea and Pneumonia – Dr Zulfiqar Bhutta (Pakistan)
Vaccines for Pneumonia – Prof Kim Mulholland (UK/Australia)

Environmental Impacts on Child Health
Environmental Risks to Child Health – Dr Ruth Etzel (USA)
Environmental Contributions to Chronic Non-communicable Diseases: Redefining What Is an Environmental Disease? – Prof Peter Sly (Australia)
Fukushima: Impacts on Child Health and Lessons for the Future – Prof Mitsuaki Hosoya (Japan)

Modern Technologies: The Future in Child Health
Use of Stem Cells in Neurological Disorders – Prof Martin Pera (Australia)
Whole Genome Sequencing the Future – A/Prof David Amor (Australia)
Advances in Newborn Screening – Clinical Prof Bridget Wilcken (Australia)

Keynote Sessions

The State of Health of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children in Australia
Chairpersons: F. Stanley (Australia), E. Elliot (Australia)

An Overview of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Child Health - Overview – J. Carapetis (Australia)
The Way Forward Using Research to Improve Health and Wellbeing – S. Eades (Australia) 
Panel Discussion: The Way Forward: Closing the Gaps –J. Carapetis, S. Eades (Australia) 

Taking on Big Tobacco
From Puffing to Plain Packaging – Prof Simon Chapman (Australia)
Cultivation of the Child and Adolescent Market – Dr Jonathan Klein (USA) 

Children with Disabilities - A Global Perspective
A Conceptual Framework for Disability – Dr Gloria Krahn (USA)
Disability - A World Report – Pauline Kleinitz (WHO – Philippines)

Emerging Respiratory Viruses
Discovery and Characterisation of Novel Respiratory Virus – A/Prof Theo Sloots (Australia)
Novel Rhinoviruses – Prof James Gern (USA)
Characterising an Emerging Viral Threat to Inform Public Health Response – Dr Jodie McVernon (Australia)

Tackling the Burden of Obesity and Malnutrition
Obesity – Prof Louise Baur (Australia)
Under-nutrition – A/Prof Michael Dibley (Australia)

Howard Williams Oration
Preventing the 'Unpreventable': The Cot Death Story – Prof Ed Mitchell (New Zealand)

WHO Guidelines for Hospital Care for Children (Including the Launch of 2nd Edition of Handbook)

Chairpersons: G. Tamburlini (Italy), L. Namazova-Baranova (Russia)

Opening remarks and official launch of the 2nd edition pocket book of hospital care for children - L. Mason (UK)

Launch of 2nd edition of the who pocket book of hospital care: guidelines for the management of

Common childhood illnesses. What´s new in 2nd edition – W.M. Were, E. Mason (Switzerland)

Global implementation of the who hospital care for children guidelines - T. Duke (Australia)

Implementation of who emergency care and management guidelines (ETAT+) in district hospitals

in East Africa - J. Wachira (Kenya)

Improving paediatric quality of care in first level referral hospitals in the pacific region, experience from Lao Pdr - A. Gray (Australia)