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The Inaugural International Conference on Heart & Brain
Heart & Brain 2012 is a groundbreaking partnership of leading cardiologists and neurologists who will convene for the first time to explore the critical relationship between the heart and the brain. With the exhilarating beauty of Paris as a backdrop, participants will forge a definitive dialogue on this integrated approach and discuss the latest treatment methods in this field.
According to Congress Co-Chairman Prof. Natan Bornstein, "The basic concept behind this congress is the consolidation of a hybrid field - neurocardiology or cardio-neurology: the strokologist will teach the cardiologist about the brain and the neurologist will learn how the heart is affecting the brain." Read more about why you should attend Heart and Brain 2012 by clicking here.

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Invited Speakers - Heart & Brain Meeting, 2012 Invited Speakers - Heart & Brain Meeting, 2012
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