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EANS 2011 - European Association of Neurosurgical Societies Congress


Alpha Omega
Ubstadter Str. 28
Ubstadt-Weiher 76698

Alpha Omega has been known in the industry for almost two decades, offering its clients breakthrough technology, unrivalled dependability, and dedicated service. The company develops and markets leading-edge equipment in the fields of functional neurosurgery and neuroscience research. Today, Alpha Omega has an extensive and established customer base worldwide, and our products can be found in the most advanced hospitals, universities, and research institutions across the globe. Our equipment has been repeatedly tested and used in hundreds of operating rooms and research labs by leading doctors and scientists.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Stettbachstrasse 6
8600 Duebendorf


AOSpine is an international community of spine care professionals dedicated to delivering knowledge, experience, and evidence to improve patient care and outcomes. AOSpine educational events provide an opportunity for hands-on learning, alongside constructive discussions with faculty and colleagues in a stimulating environment. Understanding of current and future scientific directions, initiating research and guidance for the best in class education are driven by AOSpine Research. The largest global spine care community grows and enriches itself in terms of skills, understanding, and professionalism. AOSpine members can advance their own research projects or improve patient care through knowledge sharing and access to state-of-the-art information.
Assut Europe S.p.A. - Ufficio Marketing
Via G. Gregoraci, 12
00173 Roma,

Assut Europe S.p.A, Italian manufacturer of surgical sutures founded in 1991, is presently worldwide marketing a comprehensive range of medical devices and biomedical systems. Our vision is based on the logic of total quality management and lean production and is targeted to our customers’ satisfaction through an offer of certified and high quality products obtained from constant research and development activities for the continuous innovation in the service of different surgical specialties. Synthetic & Biologics Patch, Surgical Sutures & Surgical instruments are just some of our products.

Boston Scientific
25155 Rye Canyon Loop   
Valencia, CA 91355

Boston Scientific’s Precision Plus™ SCS System powered by SmoothWave™ Technology blends sophistication and simplicity to deliver life-changing therapy for chronic pain patients.  Investing in innovative products, clinical initiatives, and world-class service, Boston Scientific is committed to Making life smoother™ for physicians, patients, and the Neuromodulation community
BAXTER Healthcare SA
CH-8010 Zurich

Baxter BioSurgery offers biomaterials to advance surgical procedures and improve clinical and patient outcomes.
FLOSEAL is a high viscosity gel for haemostasis effective from oozing to brisk bleeding on both soft and hard tissues. It works at the end of the coagulation cascade and is effective also in heparinised patients.
TISSUCOL/TISSEEL is a physiological fibrin sealant designed to enhance tissue healing.
TISSUDURA is a collagen biomatrix for dura regeneration that is remodeled into a living neodura

ACTIFUSE is a silicate substituted, calcium phosphate bone graft substitute that accelerates bone formation. It can be used in a broad range of procedures

Via.Santini, 105
00166 Rome

Progettazione E Realizzazione Protesi Cranioplastiche  “Custom-Made” E  Biomodelli

“Custom-Made” Cranioplastic Prosthesis and Biomodels

Biomet Microfixation
1520 Tradeport Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32218

Biomet Microfixation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of advanced craniomaxillofacial products.  Biomet offers a complete portfolio of neurosurgical reconstruction products aimed at improving clinical outcomes, increasing OR efficiency and enhancing ease-of-use.  Visit us at booth number 41 to view our latest innovations.


Kapellenstrasse 12
85622 Feldkirchen


Brainlab develops, manufactures and markets software-driven medical technology that enables procedures that are more precise, less invasive, and also less expensive than traditional treatments.
Among the core products are image-guided systems that provide highly accurate real-time information used for navigation during surgical procedures. This utility has been further expanded to serve as a computer terminal for physicians to more effectively access and interpret diagnostic scans and other digital medical information for better informed decisions.
Brainlab solutions allow expansion from a single system to operating suites to digitally integrated hospitals covering all subspecialties from neurosurgery, orthopedics, ENT, CMF to spine & trauma and oncology. With 4,600 systems installed in over 80 countries, Brainlab is a market leader in image-guided technology.
The privately held Brainlab group, founded in 1989, is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and today employs 950 people in 16 offices across Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America.
For more information, visit Brainlab at

B. Braun Aesculap
Am Aesculap-Platz
78532 Tuttlingen

Surgery and Aesculap - a close relationship for over 140 years.

Neurosurgery and Aesculap are inseparably connected with each other.  Aesculap is since 1867 a leading manufacturer of highest quality products for the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders, cranio-spinal tumors and hydrocephalus with products like Yasargil® aneurysmclips & microinstruments, CranioFix® bone flap fixation, Aesculap-Miethke proGAV® and proSA® programmable hydrocephalus valves and much more.

BK Medical
Mileparken 34
2730 Herlev

The New Gold Standard
Premium performance neuroimaging from BK Medical. The unparalleled function and design of our two, new dedicated neurosurgical transducers, combined with the flex Focus 700 system’s flexibility and superb image quality, provide neurosurgeons with a unique ultrasound imaging solution to address the clinical challenges they face every day. The small, lightweight transducers are sterilizable with no need for sterile covers during procedures.  The craniotomy transducer allows direct imaging of the brain and dura mater. Our other neurosurgical transducer is designed to fit through a small burr hole and is also ideal for imaging the spinal cord.

909 N. Kellogg Street
Kennewick, WA 99336

Established by brothers Carl Cadwell, DDS and John Cadwell, MD, BSEE in 1979, Cadwell designs, manufactures and sells instruments for neurophysiology to laboratories, hospitals, physicians, and others worldwide. Clinical diagnostic products include the Sierra® Wave EMG/NCV/EP, the Easy® III EEG for clinical EEG, ICU Neurological and Epilepsy Monitoring, Easy III PSG, Easy Ambulatory EEG & PSG. For Intraoperative neuromonitoring, the Cascade line features the 16-channel Cascade and 32 channel Cascade Elite and the Cascade Pro 16 or 32 channel system.
  Codman, Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson Medical, Pinewood Campus, Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham, UK


Codman & Shurtleff, Inc. is one of the largest neurosurgery, neurovascular and neuromodulation companies in the world. We offer a broad portfolio of product solutions and therapies including adjustable hydrocephalus shunt systems, antimicrobial catheters, trauma monitoring devices, implantable drug pumps, neurovascular coils, liquid embolics, vascular reconstruction devices and surgical instrumentation.
As part of DePuy and the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, we are in a unique position to help enhance existing treatments or help to transform neurological care and make a real difference in the lives of patients. We are committed to continue to expand our range of treatment solutions to fill the unmet needs of our customers.

CorTec Medical
Am Kuchenberg 24
75015 Bretten

CorTec Medical is committed to excellence in satisfying customer needs through research, development, manufacturing, marketing and sale of innovative, cost effective solutions for surgical instruments, implants, devices and services. Our products and services are designed to reliably diagnose the health status, to intervene minimally invasively and to improve the quality of life. We want to accomplish economic success and growth in neuro-, spine and orthopaedic surgery in order to provide added value to our customers, employees and supporters, who invest ideas, work and other resources in our company. 

CryoLife Europa
Bramley House
The Guildway
Old Portsmouth Road
Guildford  GU3 1LR

The CryoLife range of products include; BioGlue® Surgical Adhesive which is used as sealant, adhesive and for tissue reinforcement.  Clinically proven in over 650,000 procedures, BioGlue is available in 2ml, 5ml and 10ml sizes.  CryoLife distributes PerClot® an adjunctive hemostatic device for the control of surgical bleeding.  PerClot, The Next Generation Hemostat™ is available in 1g, 3g, and 5g sizes and with 10, 20, 37cm tip lengths.

DeawoongBio Co, Ltd
163-3 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu
Seoul, 135-090
South Korea
www.daewoongchemical.co.kr, www.cgbio.co.kr

Deawoong Co, Ltd had recognized the needs and demands of human tissue which would be donated domestically for Koreans from 2000, and we have set up a tissue bank called CG Bio Co, Ltd with the goals of contributing to nation’s healthcare. Deawoong Bio Co, Ltd has become the sales and distribution organization for the CG Bio products.
Deawoong Bio and CG Bio manage to supply products at the request of customers and offer the best quality and price competitiveness.
CG Bio has state of the art facility with the class 10 clean rooms, purified water system fit for human injection and technicians qualified as CTBS (Certificate of Tissue Bank Specialist) specialists educated and certified by AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks)
Also, CG Bio introduced the advanced specialized sterilization and processing technology, advanced equipment, state of the art facilities, AATB standard SOPM(Standard Operating Procedure Manual), Quality Assurance System and kept quality staffs to process and distribute safe and good quality tissue transplant materials for doctors and patients.

1 White Rose Office Park, Millshaw Park Lane
Leeds LS11 0BG

DePuy Spine have been pioneers in the field of spinal care for decades.
From minimally invasive surgery to complete surgical solutions, our range of treatment options include those for caring for traumatic skeletal injuries and treating spinal disorders and deformity, and repairing injured soft tissue. As a part of the
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, we are dedicated to the principles described in the Johnson & Johnson Credo and apply them in everything we do as we continue to provide patients all around the globe with a lifetime of movement solutions.

Elekta Instrument AB
103 93, Stockholm

Elekta is a human care company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders. Elekta provides intelligent and resource-efficient technologies that improve, prolong and save patient lives.
Main products exposed are

  • Leksell Stereotactic System®, the worlds most trusted system for functional neurosurgical procedures
  • Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™, the market´s most optimized treatment system for lesions in the head
  • Elekta Axesse™, a dedicated stereotactic image guided linac for irradiating critical structures with the most accurate precision
  • SonoWand Invite™,  a unique system creating visibility during navigation in the neurosurgical operating room

elliquence, LLC    
2455 Grand Avenue
Baldwin, New York 11510

elliquence, LLC; formerly Ellman Innovations manufactures patented Radiowave technology with innovative devices for neurosurgery and spine procedures.  Surgi-Max® Plus permits precision, tissue preservation, non-adherent bipolar effects and surgical versatility.

Our unique Micro Bipolar System can offer an additional alternative for minimally invasive neurosurgery.

Ethicon™ Biosurgery
1, Rue Camille Desmoulins
Issy les Moulineaux, 92787

Ethicon™ Biosurgery is an area dedicated to aid in surgery by focusing on an array of technologies to minimize intra- and post-operative complications.  Solutions comprise innovative, biologically based products for surgical conditions that are often difficult or expensive to manage. Ethicon™ Biosurgery offers a variety of haemostatic products, such as, EVICEL® Fibrin Sealant (Human), SURGICEL® Family of Absorbable Hemostats and SURGIFLO®Haemostatic Matrix.

Hanauer Landstr. 7A
63791 Karlstein, Germany

FEHLING INSTRUMENTS is a traditional family owned and family run company with more than thirty years of experience in the medical business.
FEHLING INSTRUMENTS develops, manufactures, and distributes surgical instruments, implants and single use products for use mainly in the OR and provides all corresponding repair service.

FEHLING INSTRUMENTS is constantly striving for excellence in function and economy of products. This objective is achieved by continuous innovation in materials, mechanics and design.

FzioMed, Inc.
231 Bonetti Drive
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

FzioMed specializes in absorbable, surgical biomaterials based on our patented polymer science. FzioMed products include Oxiplex/SP Gel, the leading adhesion barrier for spine surgery outside the U.S. with over 200,000 patients treated worldwide. The company has filed a PMA for U.S. approval of Oxiplex.

G-6, Gee Gee Crescent, 114, Poonamallee high Road,
Chennai-600 084.

GESCO is a Spinal Implants and Neuro Spine Instruments manufacturing company with a Rich experience of 49 years.

Spinal Implants RELIANT-Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic Spinal Fixation. ALPHA-Single Lock Posterior Anterior Spinal System. CAPS-Cervical Anterior Plating System. BEAN CAGE- Transforaminal Lumbar Intervertebral Fusion cage TILF. RECAGE- Posterior Lumbar Intervertebral Fusion Cage PILF. DAS- Distractable Anterior Spacer. OCTACAGE- Cervical Anterior Fusion Cage. ETHAN-Anterior Spacer. COFS-Cannulated Odontoid Fixation System.C-DISC- Artifical Cervical Disc. & Cranio Vertebral Junction Loops.

Instruments Like Leyla Retractor,Kerrison punch, Intervertebral Disc Rongeur, Retractors, Rongeurs Casper Distracter , Suction Cannula , Micro Instruments etc.

Globus Medical
Lausanne World Trade Center, Avenue de Gratta Paille 2
1018 Lausanne

Globus Medical, Inc. is the world’s largest privately held spinal implant manufacturer with a single-minded focus on advancing spinal surgery. Based in Audubon, Pennsylvania, the company was founded in 2003 by an experienced team of spine professionals with a shared vision to create products that enable spine surgeons to employ fusion and non-fusion solutions to promote healing in patients with spinal disorders. Globus Medical has a full portfolio of spinal fusion products, burgeoning initiatives in biomaterials development and minimally invasive approaches, and is among the world leaders in the development of motion sparing technology. Please visit us at www.globusmedical.com.
222 Third Street, Suite T123
Cambridge, MA 02142

The Bowman Perfusion Monitor (BPM) and minimally invasive QFlow 500 probe by Hemedex (Cambridge, MA USA) addresses the need for continuous, real-time, bedside, cerebral perfusion (CBF) in absolute units. The BPM: alerts clinicians to the onset of swelling and vasospasm induced ischemia, allowing intervention before permanent damage; helps clinicians determine the effectiveness of therapy by continuous quantification of  CBF; and reduces the decision making burden on clinicians by providing the real-time effect of drugs and adjunctive therapy on CBF. Hemedex’s technology can help target appropriate therapies rapidly and accurately.  It provides clinicians with a powerful tool to generate valuable prognostic data.

IMRIS Germany GmbH
Nordostpark 16
90411 Nürnberg

IMRIS is a global leader in providing image guided therapy solutions. These solutions feature fully integrated surgical and interventional suites that incorporate magnetic resonance, fluoroscopy and computed tomography to deliver on demand imaging during procedures. The Company's systems serve the neurosurgical, cardiovascular and neurovascular markets and have been selected by leading medical institutions around the world.

inomed Medizintechnik GmbH
Im Hausgruen 29
Emmendingen 79312

inomed Medizintechnik GmbH was founded in 1991 and grown steadily since then. The company manufactures leading biomedical instruments and devices for diagnostic and therapy. inomed core expertise lies in intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring, and finds application in the protection of neurological functions during surgery in many specialist fields. Rising demand for high-quality medical products in our core business areas ’Intraoperative Monitoring’ and ’Functional Neurosurgery’, ensure that we are able to maintain a double-digit growth rate. Moreover, new product developments and methods in the fields of ’Diagnostics’ and ’Pain Treatment’ show promise for further expansion.

Integra Lifesciences
Immeuble Séquoia 2, 97 allée A. Borodine, Parc Technologique de la Porte des Alpes
Saint Priest, 69800

Integra develops, manufactures and markets implants and surgical instruments used in neurosurgery, spine surgery, reconstructive surgery, orthopaedic surgery and general surgery. Integra was founded in 1989, as the result of innovation in the first artificial dermal regeneration matrix composed of collagen. From this initial technological achievement, Integra went on to develop the first dural regeneration matrix, a pioneer step into the domain of neurosurgery which established Integra one of the key player in this field. With leading products and brands in Neurosurgery, (Mayfield®, Cusa Excel®, DuraGen®, OSVII®, Licox®, Radionics®), Integra is one of the professional’s preferred partner. Our product lines cover many specialties in neurosurgery, from diagnosis to treatment.

S.Karger AG
Allschwilerstrasse 10,

KARGER is a leading international publisher of books and journals in basic and medical sciences. During the EANS Congress in Rome we are pleased to present a wide range of publications in neurosurgery. Be sure not to miss the latest publications of our book series “Progress in Neurological Surgery”. Journals of particular interest presented at our booth are STEREOTACIC AND FUNCTIONAL NEUROSURGERY, PEDIATRIC NEUROSURGERY, free sample copies are available. Publications are accessible online at www.karger.com/neurosurgery, with full-text search of articles and many other services.

Königsee Implantate GmbH          
OT-Aschau – Am Sand 4
Allendorf, 07426

Königsee Implantate GmbH is a medium sized company which develops, produces and distributes products for traumatology, orthopedics and spine surgery. More than 1500 customers rely on highest quality standards, delivery reliability, a very good cost-benefit-ratio as well as a target-oriented customer support. Orders coming in until 03:00 pm are being delivered the same day and reach operation theatres world wide as soon as possible.

Innovations are created in direct dialogue with doctors and universities and based always on long-term therapy experiences of the users.

With innovative products and a high quality aspiration it was possible to reach a top market-position.

K2M Inc.
751 Miller Drive, SE
Leesburg, VA 20175

K2M, Inc. is an innovative spinal device company committed to the research, development, and commercialization of simplified solutions for the treatment of complex spinal pathologies and procedures.  The company is recognized as a worldwide leader in providing unique technologies for the treatment of deformity, degenerative, trauma, and tumor spinal patients.  K2M’s complete portfolio of next generation products includes: spinal stabilization systems, minimally invasive systems, and other advancing technologies such as motion preservation, annular repair, and nucleus replacement.  For additional information on K2M, please visit www.K2M.com.

Leica Microsystems
Max Schmidheiny-Strasse 201
9435 Heerbrugg

“With the user, for the user”

The Leica Microsystems Medical Division’s focus is to partner with and support surgeons and their care of patients with the highest-quality, most innovative surgical microscope and imaging technology today and into the future. When it comes to simplifying the workflow in the operating room and enhancing patient safety, we leave nothing to chance.

Visit us at Booth # 34 and get in touch with our NEW Leica M525 F50 and high-end microscopes Leica M525 OH4 and Leica M720 OH5 (fully configured with HD recording, image injection Leica DI C700, and fluorescence modules Leica FL400/FL800).

Lisa Laser
Leica Microsystems


Leica Microsystems
Max-Planck-Str. 1

RevoLix junior – the self limiting laser for Neurosurgery.

High precision, clean cut and excellent haemostasis is provided by this new laser for neurosurgery. The laser is delivered through thin optical fibres which are compatible with flexible and rigid endoscopes. The application of this laser is for endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) and open tumour surgery. In open surgery the laser is applied like a scalpel or with a micromanipulator. The 2micron wavelength of this laser ensures shallow penetration in tissue and limits the necrotic tissue seam to less than 1 mm. More than 5 years of clinical experience in neurosurgical applications.


Mazor Robotics Ltd.
PO Box 3104; 7 Haeshel St.
Caesarea Industrial Park South, 38900

Mazor Robotics is a leading innovator in spine surgery—inspiring the art of surgery with robotic guidance systems and complementary products that provide a safer surgical environment for patients, surgeons, and OR staff. Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance™ Robot is transforming spine surgery from freehand to highly-accurate, state-of-the-art robotic-guided procedures that raise the standard of care with better clinical outcomes. Based on surgeons’ experience in over 2,000 procedures worldwide (over 12,000 implants) with Mazor Robotics' SpineAssist®, the new Renaissance™ Robot is powered by clinically validated technology. For peer-reviewed publications on Mazor Robotics’ technologies, including a 14-center international study demonstrating 98.3% accuracy, see www.MazorRobotics.com.

Medicon eG
Postfach 44 55 ST’, Tuttlingen

Medicon eG is a cooperative with tradition and long lasting experience producing instrumentation for human medicine.

Our foremost concern is the response for our customers – patients and healthcare professionals as well as for our manufacturing partners and employees.

Our brand stands synonymously for products which are characterized by excellent quality and continuous innovation. Our orientation also includes an increased engagement with scientists, researchers and healthcare professionals in selective product ranges and markets.

à MIS instrumentation for lumbar spine
à retractor systems made out of Peek
à innovative spine implant systems
à Kerrisons …. dieBlauen


Medprin Biotech L.L.C.
6532 Eagle Ridge Drive      
El Paso, Texas       

Medprin Biotech is a biomedical device company, focused on improving people’s lives through timely innovations in regenerative medicine and biomaterials. Medprin integrates advanced technologies and designs into people-centric solutions to address complex medical problems, and dedicates specially to the development and fabrication of innovative implantable medical devices such as the regenerative dural repair patches. We believe  “Innovation Improves Healthcare,” are now seeking for long-term business partners and distributors, and are looking forward to keeping growing with you.

1006 rue de la Croix Verte - Bât 8 - Parc Euromédecine
Montpellier 34090

Medtech designs and markets innovative robotic-assisted solutions for surgery. The system ROSA™ is a new, multi-purpose platform offering valuable assistance in localizing patient anatomy and performing complex surgical interventions. ROSA™ embodies the new generation of surgical assistance technology aiming at enabling new, less-invasive surgical techniques.

Medtronic International Trading Sarl
31 route du Molliau
CH-1131, Tolochenaz

At Medtronic (www.medtronic.com), we’re committed to Innovating for Life by pushing the boundaries of medical technology and actually changing the way the world treats chronic disease. To do that, we’re thinking beyond products and provide Complete Custom Solutions. We offer flexible choices from a comprehensive  range  of products, technologies and services to respond to surgeon and patient needs.

Rua Orense, 675
Diadema – São Paulo – 09920-650

Since 1986 Micromar develops solutions that allow several pro­fessionals to perform their tasks with excellence, reducing risks and ensuring excellent results. The search for excellence allow us to offer products of high technology and international recognition: stereotaxy, radiofrequency, neuronavigation, between others. We develop and manufacture our products working with the highest stan­dard of quality, by applying severe international standards, such as ISO13485, CE Mark, besides Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This is quality that enables our products to be used in over 30 countries: with offices in Europe and Latin America, Micromar has a wide international distribution network, providing always the best ser­vice, which is our trademark.
    Misonix, Inc.
1938 New Highway
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Misonix, Inc. is a world leader in developing ultrasonic surgical devices for hard and soft tissue removal.
The SonaStar® is a modern ultrasonic aspirator for precise removal of brain tumors of liquid, fibrous or calcified structures while sparing surrounding viable tissues.
The BoneScalpel™ with SonicOne® Technology is a single device that has the capability to ultrasonically cut bone and debride soft tissue. When dealing with bone it provides clean cuts through osseous structures with minimal loss of viable bone, in addition to sparing adjacent soft tissues. Applications includes a wide variety of osteotomies in orthopedics, reconstructive and neurosurgery. The available soft tissues tips provide the capability to perform surgical debridement on a variety of different wound that may involve, ecshar, bone, fibrin and/or slough. A single device to address both hard and soft tissue applications.

Please visit us at the EANS 2011 in Booth #37 for more information.
Via Vespasiano, 40
Rome, 00192

“The future is coming”

MOVINGTECH is an innovative Company Group that with its Patents establishes a new technological and clinical era for Spine Surgery.

It provides a great Quality advancement with its new concept of percutaneous procedure of the Vessel-X®.

MOVINGTECH develops its expertise for supporting Physicians and Patients. One of its main principles is based on an International University Network of scientific exchanges and surveys on surgical field, providing like this an excellence and safety background.

MOVINGTECH presents by its two European Branch Offices in Germany and in Italy and in entire European Countries with its Business Management.

14 Electronics Ave.
Danvers, MA 01923

NeuroLogica Corporation, located in the Boston metro area, develops, manufactures, and markets innovative medical imaging equipment for healthcare facilities and private practices worldwide. NeuroLogica is known for its portable CT and SPECT scanners.

BodyTom™ Portable Full Body Multi-Slice CT Scanner

CereTom® Portable Small-Bore Multi-Slice CT Scanner

inSPira HD™ Portable High Resolution SPECT

Biba Medical Ltd., Neuro News
44 Burlington Road
London Sw6 4NX

Neuro News is a free subscription based newspaper targeting neurologists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons, and neuroscientists in Europe and North America.
Neuro News is the one-stop source for news articles on current developments disciplines within neurology. An in-depth analysis of trials, controversies, features, interviews with leading experts, profiles, industry and product news.
The newspaper will be a trusted and editorially independent forum which will reach across specialties to keep physicians up-to-date with all the latest developments in the “Neuro” world.

OsteoMed, L.P.
3885 Arapaho Road
Addison, TX  75001

OsteoMed is a leading global innovator, developer and manufacturer of surgical implants for neuro surgery and spine. The company's success is driven by its ability to develop and deliver innovative, quality products that improve patient outcomes and offer technically advanced, simple and cost effective solutions for its surgeon and hospital customers. Our state of the art manufacturing facility and world headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. Products include fixation devices for instrument-less cranial flap replacement, dynamic surgical meshes for the skull and bone void fillers for cranial reconstruction for Neuro surgery and interspinous fusion and facet fixation devices for Spine.

NSK Europe GmbH
Elly-Beinhorn-Straße 8
Eschborn, 65760

NSK is a Japanese corporation with over 70 years experience in the development and production of high speed rotational technologies. Our power systems meet the particular requirements of modern surgery: high performance, ease of use, ultimate precision and a favorable cost-benefit ratio.

pfm medical ag
Wankelstr. 60
50996 Cologne

pfm medical and the Japanese company FEATHER® Safety Razor have been in partnership for many decades. Since 1973, we have been the sole European distributor for the medical product range offered by the Japanese blade specialist.

Outstanding quality and performance

FEATHER® blades for Neurosurgery are made of high-quality stainless steel using high-precision grinding technology.  The optimised grinding technology and the carefully selected materials produce consistent, ultra-sharp cutting edges. The standardised manufacturing method provides a consistent incision size and, therefore, minimises the risk of tissue injury during incision.

 Flexible instrument system solution

The FEATHER® Neurosurgical Instruments constitute an ideal instrument system of inter-changeable blades and handles for flexible and efficient work during neurosurgical procedures.

pro med instruments GmbH
Boetzinger Str. 38
Freiburg, 79111

pro med instruments (PMI) designs and manufactures the largest selection of Cranial Stabilization and Retractor Systems and Accessories for neurosurgery. PMI is marketed worldwide in over 70 countries. See at Booth #18 the most innovative products: DORO® Skull Clamps with Quick-Rail™ Technology, autoclavable Teflon® Coated Headrest Systems, Radiolucent Headrest Systems with the only FDA-Cleared MRI-Safe radiolucent DORO® Skull Clamp in the marketplace as well as the first adjustable NON-STICK Bipolar Forceps. To learn more about our service and products visit us at www.headrest.de.


Hermann-Staudinger-Str. 2
Helmbrechts, 95233

 RAUMEDIC develops and produces catheter for monitoring ICP, temperature, oxygen and fluid drainage in the brain with applicable Neuro monitoring devices (DATALOGGER).  With the new telemetric system RAUMEDIC offers the first wireless ICP measurement worldwide.

SONOWAND AS, Nedre Ila 39
N- 7018 Trondheim

SONOWAND is a Norwegian owned company, established in Trondheim in 1998. SonoWand® is a high quality 3D ultrasound based intraoperative imaging system. The system provides high accuracy and ensures optimal image quality throughout the entire surgical procedure.

SONOWAND strives to develop solutions of high quality to provide physicians with better patient imaging, which leads to more accurate diagnose and treatment.

Our main goal is to improve quality of life for patients.

Our products shall be developed continuously, and SONOWAND shall represent quality to all our stakeholders.

SONOWAND - The preferred partner within imaging based on 3D ultrasound

Parc Club Université
22, rue Jean Rostand
91893 Orsay cedex

Founded in 1976, SOPHYSA was the pioneer in the development of adjustable neurosurgical valves, the most advanced type of valves for the care of hydrocephalus patients. 

Two adjustable valves are available from Sophysa: the Sophy® Mini valve, which was the first adjustable valve in the World when it was launched in 1984 and the Polaris® valve, which has the additional feature of being MRI-stable.

In addition to this complete range of neurosurgical implants, SOPHYSA offers a solution for the continuous intracranial pressure measurement required on patients with severe head injury, with the Pressio® ICP monitoring system.

Söring GmbH
Justus-von-Liebig-Ring 2
25451 Quickborn


As one of the pioneering forces in ultrasonic technology, Söring has been supplying the international market with innovative solutions in ultrasonic and high-frequency surgery for over two decades. Söring not only leads the field in ultrasonic technology but is also unique in providing solutions for contact-free cold plasma coagulation. Söring’s success has been based on an uncompromising search for innovative improvements, reliable product quality, proverbial German thoroughness and a flexible response to market needs through customised solutions. Innovative surgery – for you and your patients benefit.

Spiegelberg (GmbH & Co.) KG
Tempowerkring 4
21079 Hamburg

Spiegelberg is a manufacturer of monitors and probes for Intracranial Pressure Monitoring (ICP) and for catheters for drainage of Cerebro Spinal Fluid (CSF). The company’s unique Air-Pouch Technology for ICP-Monitoring gives high precision, long term stability, no drift, and user friendly handling. The company’s SilverlineÒ technology has been proven to significantly reduce the infection rate in a randomized prospective controlled study. Silverline technology is available for

-          EVD-Catheters,

-          Ventricular and Peritoneal Shunt Catheters,

-          External Lumbar Drainage Catheters,

-          External Subdural Drainage Catheters.

The abstract of the class I evidence for infection reduction is available at the company’s stand No. 50.

Antony Parc II – 10,
Place du Général de Gaulle – CS 70001, 92 184
Antony Cedex

Since its foundation in 1999, the company has designed innovative products which offer key advantages to surgeons and benefits to patients. SpineVision® current products offer solutions for approximately 90% of spinal pathologies i.e. deformities, lumbar degenerative disc diseases, cervical disorders, trauma and tumors. Considering new market opportunities and the quality of its current product lines, SpineVision® is now focusing its efforts on Hybrid Stabilization and Minimally Invasive technologies.
Neurosurgical Trials Unit
3-4 Claremont Terrace
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 4AE
United Kingdom.

Newcastle Neurosurgery Trials Unit is responsible for running international multicentre surgical trials.

STICH II is an NIHR EME funded international study of surgery for spontaneous lobar intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH) with outcome measured at six months. STICH II will complete patient recruitment by 31st May 2012 (target 600 patients). See:  http://research.ncl.ac.uk/stich. 

STITCH(Trauma) is an NIHR HTA funded study of surgery for traumatic ICH and contusion. Recruitment of centres and patients is ongoing. The target is 840 patients. Outcome is measured at six and twelve months. See: http://research.ncl.ac.uk/trauma.stitch. To join the study email: trauma.stitch@ncl.ac.uk.

Mittelstraße 8
D-78532 Tuttlingen

KARL STORZ is a renowned manufacturer that is well established in all fields of endo­scopy and can be considered as market leader in rigid endo­scopy. The still family held company was founded in 1945 in Tuttlingen, Germany, and has grown to one with a worldwide presence and 3800 employees. KARL STORZ offers a range of both rigid and flexible endo­scopes for a broad variety of applications. Today’s product range also includes fully integrated concepts for the OR and servicing.

G. Surgiwear Limited
Rasoolpur Jahanganj
Shahjahanpur-242001 UP
www.surgiwear.co.in, www.surgiwear.org

Manufacturer of Chhabra Hydrocephalus Shunt, it is the only shunt endorsed by WFNS, world’s most commonly used shunt. & External Ventricular drainage system, Patties, drapes for craniotomy, shunt drapes, silicone patties, dura repair patch & bone grafting products.

Synthes GmbH
Eimattstrasse 3
CH-4436 Oberdorf

Synthes. Dedicated to health.

Synthes is a leading global medical device company. We develop, produce and market instruments, implants and biomaterials for the surgical fixation, correction and regeneration of the human skeleton and its soft tissues. Our goal is to provide the safest and most advanced products and technologies that ensure reliable operating procedures, rapid recovery and a pain-free life after surgery. We avouch for high quality, constant innovation and consistent customer orientation.

Telea Electronic Engineering S.r.l.
Via L. Da Vinci, 13
36066 Sandrigo (VI)

Located in the North Easter part of Italy, Telea Electronic Engineering well represents the spirit which is the hallmark of this rich and industrial area.
We firmly believe that the research and the development of cutting edge technologies is the only key to grow and be successful in today’s globalized market, where competition is the genuine force which drives the lives of all of us.
Telea has consolidated its presence in the Medical market thanks to the development of a proprietary technology named “Quantum Molecular Resonance®”, being the underlying inspired intuition over which is based the whole range of our products lines Vesalius and Quantum, dedicated to Electrosurgery sector.

Thieme Publishers
Ruedigerstrasse 14
Stuttgart, 70469

Thieme Publishing Group is a scientific and medical publishing house employing more than 950 people and maintaining offices in seven cities, including New York, Delhi,. Founded in 1886, the Thieme name has become synonymous with high quality and excellence in medical and scientific publishing. Today, Thieme is the market leading publisher of neurosurgical content and holds strong market positions in orthopedics, radiology, anatomy and chemistry, among other specialties. Thieme publishes 137 peer-reviewed journals and over 500 new books annually. The company also has a rapidly growing array of web-based products in medicine and science.

Tissuemed Ltd
5 Killingbeck Drive
Leeds, LS14 6UF

Tissuemed manufactures TissuePatchDural, a self-adhesive surgical film indicated as a sealant that acts adjunctively with suture or staple closure, preventing post surgical CSF leaks.
TissuePatchDural is more adherent than surgical glues, requires no preparation and bonds within 30 seconds. Being transparent means underlying tissues can be visualized. Its elasticity and conformability allows it to comply with surface anatomy.
At 40microns, TissuePatchDural gives a fine, uniform layer of material forming a fluid-tight barrier across application surfaces.

Toshiba Medical Systems
Zilverstraat 1
Zoetermeer, 2718 RP
The Netherlands

Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of medical diagnostic imaging systems and comprehensive medical solutions, such as CT, X-ray and vascular, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and MRI systems, as well as information systems for medical institutions. Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation has been providing medical products for over 80 years. Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba.

Toshiba: Made for Patients, Made for You, Made for Partnership!

TranS1 Inc.
301 Government Center Drive, Wilmington,
NC 28403

TranS1® offers an innovative, pre-sacral approach to lumbar surgery. A mini-open access and fusion system enables lumbar arthrodesis to be performed with complete preservation of the annulus and all paraspinal soft tissue structures. AxiaLIF/AxiaLIF 2L+ technologies result in high fusion rates, low complication rates, and improved patient recovery time.

Via della Produzione, 7
00030 San Cesareo - Roma

UBER ROS is engaged in different medicine fields, in particular in neurosurgery, orthopaedics, trauma, otology and maxillo facial.

UBER ROS is present all over the national country with a sale structure in which direct employees, regional concessionary and agents take part.

The mission of the UBER ROS is to supply the best support to the medical structure with on assiduous search, in the international markets, of products, highly specialistic arranges and systems coming only from manufacturing companies with great experience and prestige, so they can find their own positioning in the Italian market in the medical, hospital and clinician world.

UBER ROS: integrity, strength, passion, a big facility in a constant growing.    

UFSK-International OSYS GmbH
Kirchhoffstraße 1
93055 Regensburg

UFSK-OSYS develops innovative technologies that benefit surgeons, patients and staff at hospitals and clinics around the world. We are committed to the continuing development of high-quality medical products and systems that offer customers the best price to performance value. Germany's rich tradition of precision craftsmanship and engineering is evident in the construction of all of chairs. 
surgiPro - the unique surgeon's chair designed with preventive medicine in mind. Patented auto-dynamic seat system provides effective, automatically-adjusting lumbar support. Reduces problems associated with prolonged sitting: chronic neck and back pain, cramping, decreased blood circulation.


Visionsense Corp.
1270 Avenue of the Americas, Ste 302
New York, NY 10020

Visionsense develops novel visualization solutions that bring natural stereoscopic sight to minimally invasive surgery (MIS). With advanced sensor technology and proprietary software, the Visionsense system delivers depth perception, high resolution images and maneuvering flexibility through the smallest access diameters. 

The Visionsense VSII solution is based on a single, miniature stereoscopic (3D) sensor that imitates an insect’s compound eye.  With stereo vision capabilities, surgeons gain enhanced tissue understanding, improved hand eye coordination and the confidence to use advanced (articulating) surgical tools, thus opening the door for new, unique surgical developments.

Wisepress Medical Bookshop
The Old Lamp Works
25 High Path
Merton Abbey, London, SW19 2JL

Wisepress.com, Europe’s leading conference bookseller, has a complete range of books and journals relevant to the themes of the meeting. Books can be purchased at the stand or, if you would rather not carry them, posted to you – Wisepress will deliver worldwide. In addition to attending 250 conferences per year, Wisepress has a comprehensive medical and scientific bookshop online with great offers, some up to 40% off the publisher list prices.

Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH   
Carl-Zeiss-Straße 22
Oberkochen, 73447

Medical Systems from Carl Zeiss

Good health is an important requirement for enjoying life and performing successfully at work. Therefore, patients and doctors are now expecting more and more from diagnostic and treatment outcomes.
Medical systems from Carl Zeiss allow doctors to further improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of diagnosis and treatment: with innovative solutions for ophthalmology and ophthalmic surgery and visualization systems – in particular for neurosurgery, ENT surgery and dental treatment.
The offering is rounded off with systems used for intraoperative radiotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer.