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AESKU Award Winners 2014 


We are delighted to inform you that following the tradition, three distinguished prize winners have been chosen to receive the “AESKU Award for a Lifetime Contribution to Autoimmunity" in 2014.  This award is presented every two years at the Autoimmunity Congress as a recognition to individuals who have contributed in a significant way to the field of autoimmunology.

The prize, sponsored by AESKU will be presented during the Opening Ceremony of the Congress.


The AESKU Award winners in 2014 are:


        Ms. Claire Dwoskin, USA                          Dr. Marvin Fritzler, Canada                   Dr. Pier Luigi Meroni, Italy   

        Read Ms. Dwoskin's bio                              Read Dr. Fritzler's bio                              Read Dr. Meroni's bio