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Accolades for the 8th International Congress on Autoimmunity, Granada, 2012 

Deborah and Noel Rose, USA

Let me thank you for having created such a wonderful opportunity to greet and meet new and old friends and colleagues. The scientific exchanges and gains were obvious. HOWEVER it was people interaction that most impressed me

Prakash Pispati, India

It is always such a warm occasion to be with all of you. Yours is like the Von Trapp family of “Sound of Music”, how naturally you harmonise science, medicine, fine art with all the ingredients of passion. Am touched in my heart, my brain and my soul My felicitations for the genuine scientific programme. It was a breath of fresh air, enjoyed some of the talks immensely, especially yours, Yehuda, and of course am never tired of listening to Graham Hughes and indeed many others Thank you for the nice dinner with the intelligentsia and the celebs whose company is infectious Amir, as usual, was at his best on the piano

Graham R V Hughes, UK

A million congratulations – possible the best meeting I have ever attended!

Tarek Salem, Canada

It was a great honour to all of us to take a part of the remarkably successful congress at Granada this year. The lessons learned and the new advances presented during the congress were very helpful to our organization, and colleagues

Raz Somech, Israel

It was a great pleasure to participate at the “8th international Congress on Autoimmunity”. This was a great success from both professional and pleasant aspects; the atmosphere was perfect with huge impact on future discoveries. We had the opportunity to present the interesting link between primary immunodeficiencies and autoimmune diseases. Hopefully with such exclusive meetings, collaborations on this most developing field will increase, enhancing knowledge and experience, in- depth study with advanced laboratories to enable a deeper investigation of these unique diseases that combine immunodeficiency and autoimmunity

Marc Gregory Y. Yu, Philippines

Thank you for organizing such a great and informative congress. The updates were so vast and detailed, it was almost overwhelming

Juan-Manuel Anaya, Colombia

Many thanks for this outstanding Congress. This was a unique opportunity not only to be up-to-date but also to share our results, meet people from all around the world and to have new ideas. Thank you for your generosity, for your mentoring and friendship. I am proud of being part of the Family of Autoimmunity

Shimon Pollack, Israel

It has been already a week since I came back from the 8th International Congress on Autoimmunity and I am still under the impression of a great and rewarding congress that was managed in a very good atmosphere in lovely Granada. Hope to take part in future congresses organized by you

Michael Mahler, USA

I would like to congratulate you for this outstanding meeting. I have been attending many of your meetings and also other autoimmune conferences and I believe this was one of the best meetings. I really enjoyed the meeting and Granada

Sylvia Benzaken, France

Many thanks for the brilliant and so rich program of this Granada congress. Your art of organization and your friendly and professional team make this event the place-to-be when you work in autoimmunity as a researcher, a biologist or a clinician

Ljudmila Stojanovich, Serbia

Thank you so much for the wonderful congress, where, as always, we all felt like member of the family of autoimmunity!
The program was wonderful, just as at all the previous meetings.
The oral presentation of selected posters was very successful, and I think it’s a great idea

Ferdinando Nicoletti, Italy

I have enjoyed it as the best of all the superb Congress of Autoimmunity that you have organized and that I have attended (Budapest,Porto, Lubljana). Every time I feel thelast Congress unimprovable for organization and scientific level and every time you succeed in making the next even superior…. I look very much forward to Nice

Sylviane Muller, France

It was a great meeting with a very good spirit, fruitful exchanges and a wonderful organization, as always. My three young collaborators were also very happy to have the chance to present their own data to such an audience. A great time

Irun Cohen, Israel

Thanks for inviting me to the meeting in Granada; it was a pleasure to take part. You have done an amazing job in organizing the Autoimmunity field of biomedical research, information and treatment

Jean-Michel Dayer, Switzerland

I wish to congratulate you and all your collaborators (including your family) for the excellence of the beautiful and high quality of the Autoimmunity 2003 in Granada.
You may be interest to know that Hall B was not big enough for the session on auto inflammatory diseases! This is a good indicator. Something like 50 people were standing up!

Sudhir Gupta, USA

It was an outstanding meeting both academically and socially. Arrangements were outstanding

Gisele Zandman-Goddard, Israel

The conference was superb. It was of the highest quality integrating Basic science with clinical studies In fact, there were so many important sessions it was difficult to decide where to go. A great success

Marie Agnes Dragon-Durey, France

It was really fantastic and I appreciate everything: the plenary sessions and the satellite symposia and of course the place! The organization was remarkable and the scientific program of very high quality. I really enjoyed and I thank all of you!

Chella S. David, USA

Thank you for inviting me to the Granada meeting. It was one of the best. The place was breathtaking, the Science was exhilarating, the company was superb and social events were out of this world. Best Wishes and Looking forward to Nice

Peter Späth, Switzerland

I’d like to express my deep thanks for the opportunity you offered me. Attending the very interesting and excellent Autoimmunity Congress 2012 in such a historical city was the highlight of this spring

Georg Wick, Austria

As expected, you and your crew (including your family) did a wonderful job in organizing this Congress. I enjoyed everything, from the scientific program, over the instructive exhibition to the outstanding social program In addition to receiving a lot of new ideas and discussing our own results with competent colleagues, the Autoimmunity Meetings are really the biannual highlights for the “Family of Autoimmunity” as you rightly stated in your addresses Thus, it was nice not only to make new acquaintances but also meet old friends that have become close to my heart over the years

Arno Kromminga, Germany

Again a great venue, lots of information, lots of people, mostly good presentations. Of course, with five parallel sessions, you always miss 80% of the lectures, that’s intrinsic. I don’t know how you do it, but the entire event had this nice atmosphere of being relaxed and busy at the same time. I was there from Wednesday to Sunday morning and the time was over far too fast. I am looking forward already to the next meeting in Nice in 2014. Hopefully, with a separate Biological/Immunogenicity session

Yaakov Naparstek, Israel

This meetings , like the best of wines, has only mellowed and improved with age, while at the same time retaining its ability to be interesting innovative and provocative

Annegret Kuhn, Germany

The skin session was of great interest and I also enjoyed a number of several other highly interesting sessions. I met very nice colleagues from all over the world and, in particular, enjoyed the spectacular dinner at the Alhambra

Angela Tincani, Italy

Congratulations on the extraordinary Autoimmunity meeting. In my opinion it is an incredible mixture of science and friendship in continuous growth

Carlos Dias, Portugal

Wonderful congress!! Every year is increasing in all aspects. You are, indeed, a magnificent organizer and you receive very well your guests. Many thanks for everything

Philipp von Landenberg, Germany

Thank you very much for the wonderful conference in Granada. Well organized and important talks on new topics….

Andrea Doria, Italy

Congratulations and thank you for the fantastic Autoimmunity Congress you organized in Granada. It was really exciting, highly educative and rich in breakthrough scientific news. I was also impressed by the great participation of young researchers, coming from all over the world, and by their enthusiastic interaction with senior scientists, feeding the flame of the great Family of Autoimmunity. Social events were also amazing

Joachim Kalden, Germany

Once again you did a great job in organizing the 8th International Congress on Autoimmunity. Looking at the size of the industry exhibition and looking at – what is even more important – the number of participants, beyond 2000, you really have succeeded to put this Autoimmunity Congress on the international calendar of most important events

Roberto Gerli, Italy

I would like to thank you again for inviting me to Granada, and I wish to congratulate with you for the fantastic scientific meeting and for the extraordinary dinners you organized. It was all PERFECT!!!

Luís Campos, Portugal

Many congratulations for the success of the 8th International Congress on Autoimmunity in Granada. It was an impressive affirmation of the autoimmunity family, with an outstanding scientific program and excellent social events. I thank you the opportunity to keep on participating in your fantastic organizations

Nathali Kaushansky, PhD, Israel

I would like to thank you for the wonderful and perfectly organized meeting. It was an honor for me to present our data in such an outstanding and high level conference. I admire your ability to create a platform for interaction and exchange of ideas among the huge and varied scientific content

K Y Fong, Singapore

Just wanted to drop a note to say how impressed I am with the Congress, the organization and scientific content are first class. All my colleagues and I fromSingaporefound the programme very useful and illuminating. The sights and sound of Granada also add to make this a memorable trip. Thanks again

Pierre Youinou, France

Dear Yehuda,
What you have done is exceptional. I do admire you. Thank you, my brother, for making Granada a paradise!

Eiji Matsuura, Japan

Thank you very much for your excellent organization of 8th International Congress on Autoimmunity. I believe that it was really effective for stimulating all audiences

Anna Ghirardello, Italy

I would like to congratulate you for the very successful and well organized Autoimmunity Congress in Granada. It was very exciting for me participating and being also personally involved. My first experience as a chairman has been very nice too, and my impression is that it has been well conducted. I would like to really thank you for the great and fruitful experience

Bruno Donatini, France

Many thanks for the 8th International Congress on Autoimmunity in Granada which was a tremendous success and a great scientific moment.

Mira Barak, Israel

I have not enough words to praise the wonderful conference from the scientific as well as from the organization point of view. We have only to wait for the 2014 Nice conference

Roberto Perricone, Italy

The Congress has been very, very important and impressive for us all and is a mainstay in the autoimmunity field. Therefore it was very important for us to be there and to have an active role