The International Society for the Study of the Aging Male (ISSAM) was formed and incorporated in the United Kingdom in 1997 with the objective of promoting research, study and education on all matters relating to men's health after the age of 30.

The Society aims to encourage physicians and other health-care professionals to understand male illness in the context of the aging process as a whole and to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to caring for male patients. More specifically, the Society sets out to promote the concept of healthy aging.


To support improvement of "Quality of Life" "life style" and "healthcare" for the aging man, through dissemination of information, and advancement of scientific and medical knowledge.

To Support advancements in quality of social services, preventive measures, treatment and universal patient access

To Attempt to find ways and mean to prevent or postpone disability, immobility and dependence.

To engage in and support and encourage socio-economic research to ensure human dignity and maintain social function of the elderly.

Society's peer-review journal is The Aging Male

The Aging Male